wyrd and wyrdworking

What is wyrd, and what is a wyrdworker?

Wyrd is a term that is often roughly translated as the germanic term for fate. In some ways, this is true, but it can also bring about a strong misunderstanding, because when most westerners think of fate, they think of the greek idea of fate: something that is inevitable, something that we were either born to be or experience.

In the northern traditions, this is a little different. Fate is something that is inline with a whole host of other ideas such as our personal luck, our ancestry/familial luck, and how we live our lives. We are born within a preset condition, meaning we are born in a certain family, and the conditions in which we first start out inform the path our lives can take. An example of this would be being born into a family that may or may not be able to help you pay for a college education: that is something that can easily determine the path you may take with your life, from childhood through adulthood. It isn’t that you can’t go to college if your family doesn’t have the funds to pay for you to go, but you have choices to make along the way, from how you do in school to try and get scholarships, to whether or not you even think that school is a possibility for you. Wyrd isn’t fate: it’s not the thing that determines that you will be a successful business owner, or a king, or any other thing like that. It is a set of conditions that are possible to change. In the northern tradition, our lives are not pre-destined, just a set of probable outcomes.

What a wyrdworker does is analyze the threads that make you you: this isn’t psychology, and it isn’t life coaching. It is something other than that, because a wyrdworker looks into the very fabric that follows you where you go, and, works with you to realign your threads. In essence, they are people who work to realign your luck. We don’t make spells to get you more money, we don’t do anything other than shift the threads of your life, both past and present, to make your future outcome potentially different.

Changing ones wyrd involves a lot of work.  If you work with a wyrdworker to do this, it involves a lot of work on both sides: you will have to commit to new life patterns, and participate in rituals that will change your life and how you view yourself and others. The wyrdworker will analyze your life threads, help shift and detangle knots in the fabric of your life, and work with you and your house of spirits (land, home and familial) to build a support network for your changes to happen in.

If you are interested in a wyrdwork consultation, please contact me at skadidottir at yahoo dot com. Fees for this work are determined based on many factors, and will be negotiated at the time of the consultation.

Your initial consultation will cost $54.00, and is non-refundable.

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