A little bit about me, about my practice, and what I am doing.

I come from a long line of seers and diviners. Like many seers, however, my family did not practice this art for people on demand. My father is for all purposes what popular culture would now call a ‘precog’, meaning, he was adept at precognition: knowing things before they happened. In addition to the skill of precognition, my father was an adept seer into the present, and was always aware of the hidden natures of those around him. My mother came from a long line of kitchen-horary astrologers and wise folk. She imparted the knowledge of a good many homespun cures for ailments and illnesses, and passed along to me the ability to comprehend basic astrology. My paternal grandfather was a diviner, who used his skills to locate items and materials for material gain.  My siblings and I have all proven to have some natural abilities in ‘other’ matters, and each of us have the ability of precognition, and each of us navigate our own abilities to impact the wyrd of others in various ways.

I began formally working with divinatory tools in my pre-teen years, and like many precocious youth, I began with automatic writing, scrying and tarot. As the years passed and my own interests developed (as well as a strong push by ancestral spirits), I began working with runes for magical and divinatory purposes. Though this is my primary system for divination, I still offer tarot readings to those who are interested. I am a big believer that it is best to use the right tool for the job rather than being worried about the medium in which it happens. I have found that tarot is quite effective when gleaning mundane information, and sometimes it is more direct, especially when the matters at hand are difficult and emotionally driven.

As a seidhworker, or seidkona (alternatively spelled seidhkona), I work a lot with various spirits and energies. What this means is that I am able to see  and talk with the spirits and energies that surround you, whether they are your ancestors, relate to the land you life in or on, and those that are taking an interest in your life. Sometimes, these energies and spirits are out of balance, and, if it is something that needs to be addressed, I may be willing to work with you in order to rebalance your relationship with them.

In my role as a Vitki, or witch, I am able to manipulate the conditions of our lives. I do this work with a variety and types of practices that I’ve learned over years. I can remove crossed conditions, lift and place curses and hexes, do workings for a variety of luck situations (Either to increase or decrease, as needed). This is something I do with the aid of spirits, and it isn’t something that I do lightly.

I’m also an artist, and create custom works of art for ritualistic use. I don’t post those pictures online, but I can send you a portfolio if you would like.

Please be advised:

If you are interested in a reading or consultation, please be advised that for legal reasons I must put the usual disclaimers here: I cannot heal you, and if you are in need of medical services you really should consult with the appropriate medical professional. My readings and services are not a substitute for psychotherapy. I am not a licensed councilor. Where I am a highly skilled and trained seer and seidkona, just like a deck of tarot cards or ouiji board, my services are for entertainment purposes only. Take from it what you will.

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