Happy Spring!

I’m offering a reading special. For $45 (US), I will do a full reading for you.

Please email me at firegythia @ gmail dot com to order your reading. Once I get your email, I will send you a brief set of questions to answer, and information on payment. Once payment is received, I will complete your reading! *
Welcome to the website for Lyn Skadadottir, völva, and seidkona.logo

I provide rune and tarot card readings, luck evaluation and manipulation, as well as other seidhcraft and conjure services. You may contact me at skadidottir at yahoo.com for further information, and please, see the tabs above for more information about the services I offer.

You can find my blog, hereticgythia, here:


*and, for legal reasons, I would like to remind you that if you are in need of medical, psychological, financial or other counseling needs, my services should not substitute any of these things. Like all other occult and magical professionals, you should consider our services as an entertainment product, not a substitute for medical or professional care.

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