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Spirit Worker Mentorship, Starting May 2023 (ongoing)

What does it mean to be a Spirit Worker?

This May, I will be starting a new class/training session event in Sprit Work. What this class will entail is close mentorship for those who feel called to work with deities and spirits, but who feel the need to have human assistance and mentorship. This differs from an apprenticeship program in that it will be designed to work with you on your path, without the expectation that you will learn my tradition and magical system.

When we are called to do spirit work, it is a strange thing. Sometimes it begins with an illness, other times, an inkling that verges on compulsion. Our deities, ancestors, and others may be hyper present. There is a sense of belonging, but it can be isolating at times, with no real idea of how to connect with others or make things happen in the physical world. It can be hard to find people to talk to about this, and it can be really complicated to navigate the ‘is this real, or is this imaginary’ spaces this brings about. In this system, we will look at how to navigate these complexities while growing spiritually and remaining connected to the physical world we live in. Spirit work can have many levels and phases- from weekend practices to full life changes where we must develop temples and sacred lands. The important thing is to find the balance that is right for you, and learning how to navigate the intense pressures from our spirit allies while balancing the realities of being human can be challenging!

This will be a mix of mentoring sessions and classes (depending on enrollment and interest), where we will consider ways of:

grounding and protection

honoring commitments (both in the physical world and spiritual world)


plant allies


honoring deities (if applicable)

honoring ancestors

working with people

respecting the land

and more.

About me: I’ve been a spirit worker for well over 20 years now, in various iterations and styles. I work primarily with land spirits but am deeply connected with Hela, a germanic death deity. I have worked as a mentor with other spirit workers for the past 15 years, and work as a professional educator by day, so I know the realities of being a spirit worker who must also have a day job!

I will host an informational session about this online on April 30th, 2pm EST. You can also email me with questions if you are interested. Please email me to RSVP to the info session or with any questions at firegythia (at) gmail (dot) com.


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